Kerala, India’s southernmost state is a narrow strip of land about 150 kms in width lying on the western side of the Western Ghats, a mountain range older than the Himalayas.

Known by the now clichéd adage, `God’s own country’, Kerala is indeed wonderfully blessed;  44 rivers, 56 endemic species of mammals, 139 endemic species of reptiles, 86 endemic species of amphibians, 25% of India’s plant species And a Social Health Index comparable to developed western economies, complete nature’s remarkable blessing!

Yet for the common traveller Kerala is captivating because of its green, green landscape and its wealth of water resources.

With 8% of India’s water resources, Kerala is water, water everywhere. With 560 miles of an intricate network of lagoons and canals, Kerala’s backwaters are its finest tourist trophy!

At Riverland Cruises, we are focussed on telling the story of this unique and distinct waterworld. Join us in preserving this waterworld; home to mangrove forests, endemic birds and quaint farming techniques!

Every journey you book through us goes a long way to help sustain the sanctity of this waterworld. So when you do travel, call us!