Lying on the south eastern banks of the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a small village with a population thriving on fishing and paddy cultivation. Till about ten years ago, Kumarakom was no more than an agricultural dependent village with large tracts of paddy cultivated mostly below sea level. Its prominence grew with the entry of tourism to these parts and today boats of a range of resorts catering to an international clientele.

Like Alleppey, Kumarakom also has its own share of Kerala’s famed backwaters though what one gets to see more this side of the Vembanad Lake are numerous reclaimed islands. Kuttanad or land of the short people, a reference to a picture of men working knee deep in the paddy field, encompasses many islands off Kumarakom. Foe long the granary of Kerala, Kuttanad is a group of reclaimed islands where paddy and coconut are cultivated, a few metres below sea level. From Kumarakom, R Block, one of the largest of these man- made reclaimed land masses is easily accessible and a houseboat cruise usually passes or tarries at R Block.

More importantly, Kumarakom is the ideal destination to explore the Vembanad Lake. Speed boats, country canoes, motor boats and even water scooters are available for those intrepid few who would love to splash around on this huge water body.

Kumarakom is also home to a Bird Sanctuary which has many migratory and resident species. From November to May, migratory birds like the osprey, pink tailed duck, marsh harrier make it their home while June to August is the breeding time for the resident bird species like egrets and cormorants.

Yet, Kumarakom is today a great resort destination too. With some of the most expensive and sophisticated resorts in Kerala, Kumarakom has wooed almost every special interest tourist, from the romantic honeymooner to the health conscious spa goer. Leaf through some of the one we believe are the best there is and choose a great holiday!