Kerala State is home to about 8% of the total water resources of India.

From time immemorial, these waters were the highways for transportation of goods for people living beside them. Kettuvallams meaning `tied’ boats, made of wooden planks of the Wild Jack Tree and tied together with coconut ropes, were used to transport daily household goods across the network of lagoons and canals.

Over the years, with the advent of tourism, these small kettuvallams transformed themselves in huge residential barges, now called houseboats, 70 ft in length and weighing about 50 tons, with furnished sun decks, bedrooms, toilets and kitchens. These Kerala houseboats and unlike their Kashmiri counterparts were not used as a home, rather were kept for use by tourists only.

An overnight journey on a Kerala houseboat will definitely go down as a journey of a lifetime!

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